Craft brew spins off new industrial infrastructure

As we have discovered in Oregon with the craft brew industry, what was niche a few years ago is now a major contributor to our local economy. Craft brewers in Oregon directly employ 4,900 workers, 14.4 percent of the total beer consumed in Oregon is made in Oregon, 40% Percent of all draft beer consumed in Oregon is brewed in Oregon.

Craft brewing is also spinning off a cluster of complimentary industries. It has been an important factor in stimulating creativity in Oregon’s hops industry which was being abandoned by major brewers like ImBev and in creating a new hops brokerage for craft brewers located in Portland. Read the full story in Willamette Week’s “Beer of the Future” feature article.

It also encouraged the growth of a local artisan manufacturer, JVNW Inc, that began custom designing beer fermentation tanks, and now offers specialty stainless steel tanks for cosmetics, foods, pharmaceutical, wine and more, 100% locally made.


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