“We have hands, We have human nature”

Recently a sad event occurred in Oregon’s arts community.  Emeritus PSU Professor and ceramist Raymond Grimm passed away. Raymond  Grimm taught jewelry and ceramics for over 30 years.  In addition to his teaching, after studying with top people in the emerging field, he also started the first glass making studio in the state of Oregon. The “glass shack” as it was called was constructed on PSU’s campus. His passing is not sad in the sense that his life’s work and passion remain hugely impactful on the artisan glass industry in this region and beyond.  Most area artisan glass businesses can be traced back directly to him, his innovative grass roots studio, and the influential pioneers of the hot glass movement whom he trained under. A short list of notable connections includes Jerry Bosco and Ben Milligan ( Bosco Milligan Foundation),Tony Parker, Eric Lovell ( Roboros Glass), Dan Schwoerer ( Bullseye Glass), Jim Kingwell ( Ice Fire, Cannon Beach), Buzz Williams (Alder Creek Glass Gleneden OR), Chris Corcoran ( McMenamins Edgefield), Bruce Stoner (Hawaii), and Dan Kelly,( Kyoto and NYC). Continue reading