Is Portland Really the Place Where Young People Go To Retire?

Colleagues Jason Jurjevich and Greg Schrock of the Nohad A. Toulan School of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University have conducted some fascinating research regarding migration patterns of young college educated (YCE) to places like Portland with high amenity values.  Many of these YCEs become active in Portlands artisan sectors.  In their  paper Is Portland Really the Place Where Young People Go To Retire? Migration Patterns of Portland’s Young and College-Educated, 1980-2010  they clarify the challenges to traditional thinking about migration-

Though not unique to Portland, the resiliency of Portland’s migration streams, even in periods of economic uncertainty, calls attention to an increasingly selective group of YCE migrants who appear to place greater relative value on non-economic factors—from political milieu to access to quality public transportation—compared to employment opportunities.  This trend directly challenges a long-established cornerstone of traditional migration theory…

Check out the executive summary (or full text)  of their work here