New Directions in Research

Hello (again)! After some time off, the Artisan Economy Initiative has forged a new path in our research on Portland’s artisan economy.  AEI has teamed up with the Portland Made Collective to begin to investigate the relationship between the artisan economy and the larger economic “ecosystem” here in Portland.  We are interested in interrogating the (in)visibility of the artisan economy within the broader understanding of economy.

Some of the topics we will be looking at in the weeks to come include: how to “locate” artisans and makers; how to define a boundary within which we conduct such research; limitations of creating such bounded research fields; and the methods with which we will proceed with this research.  There are a lot of other questions that we have in the long run that will speak to the bigger project of better understanding the artisan economy.  We will be updating this blog on our successes, frustrations, dilemmas, and impasses.

Anyone that happens upon any of our work should feel free to comment on any of it.  We are particularly interested in hearing from others that are working on similar projects.

For more information on our partner, Portland Made Collective, please visit their site.  You may be inspired to create something similar in your city…


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