State of the Collective 2015

The second annual Portland Made “State of the Collective” survey is ready to go out to Portland Made Collective members. Last year we did a similar survey, presenting the results at ADX Portland for a large audience of collective members, political leaders, entrepreneurs, makers, and community leaders from across Portland. Some of our most important findings from last year included:

  • Over 90% of small maker enterprises do not show up on national small business databases
  • Despite their relative invisibility, small maker enterprises had a large impact on the local economy
    • Employed over 1,000 people
    • Generated over $250 million in revenue
    • Revenue growth over a three year period averaged 61%
  • Maker enterprises have a “sweet spot” threshold; this speaks to a link between revenue and job creation in which firms transition from mostly part-time to full-time jobs somewhere in the $500,000 to $1million revenue range

Check out the white paper we released for more information on last year’s findings. The important point, which cannot be overstated, is that these results point to a strong need to nourish the maker and artisan community here in Portland; the survey results generally supported a need to further develop the systems of resources that will grow the making community and make Portland an international leader in the maker movement. If you are a PMC member, and you are reading this, it is vital that you respond to this year’s survey (Update: we have added a new incentive: click here to download your complementary DIY swag bag).

We spent a great deal of time developing this year’s survey, bringing an extra member onboard (thanks Will!) to help us craft it. We expect a to have a great deal of new insights from this year’s results; we have better questions, a more fine tuned system of analysis in place, and, perhaps most importantly, we are getting good at understanding the nuances of the maker community in Portland. Stay tuned for this year’s results…