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The Artisan Economy Initiative is located in the School of Urban Studies and Planning at Portland State University in downtown Portland, Oregon.  For more information or any general inquiries into our research, please contact Steve Marotta at


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  3. Good afternoon!

    My name is Corinne and I am the Director of Programs of the Museum of the Oregon Territory in Oregon City. We like to invite local historians in to the museum to give a lecture and I am writing today to see if you are interested. The subject is flexible–our programming theme for 2016-17 is Convergence and your organization seemed like a good fit. This can be a good place for graduate students to get more experience presenting or for professors who would like to talk about something that may not fit into the regular syllabus. We have two formats, one more formal and in the museum gallery itself and one, less formal and potentially more irreverent that we call Pints from the Past. These are hosted at a local pub.

    Please let me know if you would be interested in giving any kind of talk.

    Take care,
    Corinne Rupp

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